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We help connect people with the true potential of their own bodies to achieve new levels of movement, strength, and confidence in their everyday lives. Our elite staff educates, inspires and leads by example .  . . helping clients reprogram dysfunctional movement patterns, overcome ineffective prior training, and shatter self-limiting mindsets. We constantly explore emerging best-practices and incorporate proven techniques in movement, nutrition, and cognitive empowerment.

What’s the Difference Between a Personal Trainer and a Movement Specialist?

Personal training is widely accepted as the go-to method in becoming stronger, more fit and achieving a certain level of aesthetics to please the eye. They prescribe “exercises” to train certain body parts or muscles, breaking down workouts into segments and isolating muscles to make them individually stronger and more defined. The problem is, the body isn’t just a series of parts that fit together and make up what you see on the cover of Men’s Health or on Instagram. The body is a whole; a well balanced, adaptable vessel to get you through life in a limitless array of movements. “Exercising” body parts and distorting tensional balance within the whole body is a direct flight to further dysfunction and ultimately injury or immobility. We’re really good at doing the exercises we know and are good at but tend to shy away from movements that we can’t do. Nobody likes to feel like a failure. It’s not what the body can do, it’s what the body can’t do that we needs attention.

As Movement Specialists, we have extensive training in reading the whole body in posture and in dynamic movement, to determine where these imbalances and dysfunctions are being created. We reprogram your nervous system to bring your body closer and closer to a true “neutral” position and retrain all of your movements from there. Educating your mind and body on how to stand, walk, run, bend, twist, jump, flip, hang, push, etc. all over again- this time, from a more balanced and aligned position. Mastering your biomechanical efficiency will allow you to now explore movements that were once impossible, opening the doors to higher degrees of athleticism, mobility, strength, power and confidence. This increases your overall performance and ability to learn new movements, while greatly reducing your risk of injury and chronic pain stemming from dysfunction in your body.