We are Movement Specialists

Hi, I’m Brian Azarian. Founder of Connect LLC

As an evolving human, I believe that everyone has the potential to grow and live a more fulfilling life. I’ve learned that things will always change and detaching from the outcome of the future is the key to being present. As I have evolved, so have my beliefs in fitness/movement, as they will continue to do so along this journey. I only wish to share my experiences with those who are no longer complacent in life, that are seeking something greater than what they now know. Whether it is obtaining health and happiness, personal development, confidence, mind-body awareness and control, or spirituality; ultimately, the burning desire to progress in life is what we all share in common in the learning environment at Connect LLC.


My path has lead me to exploring my body through all sorts of ways: sports, bodybuilding, powerlifting, yoga, dance, music, natural movement, physical labor, and every moment in between every activity of the day. In a nutshell, I used to believe exercise was something that needed to be scheduled on my calendar and every other minute of the day was considered “busy time” that I wasn’t able to workout. I used to push through severe pain in my body and constantly criticize how I looked in the mirror, punishing myself in the gym day after day, trying to get everything just perfect. Eventually, at age 27 my body broke down and I could no longer workout or move to degree I wanted to. I was losing my identity (or so I thought) and I had accepted that my physically active life was over…Little did I know, it was just the beginning of a something new.


With no help from the medical community to solve my pain, and no other options left, I was in a place of full surrender to the universe and only then was I ready to start healing. Body workers, yoga instructors, movement gurus and folk of the embodied type began to enter my life and taught me lessons that lead to self empowerment and self awareness. Drastically improving my body awareness and relationship between my physical and emotional health, which comes hand-in-hand when healing the body. This shift has been the turning point in my life and the true start in becoming the most authentic version of myself that I intend to let shine far and bright. I am now more body-aware, present, happy, confident, capable, and moving better than ever before, totally free of pain. The aesthetics, strength and power, have only come secondarily to improving how I was moving.


Through the practice of movement we can increase our capabilities in moving better with more efficiency, boosting our confidence and allowing us to feel safe in our own bodies. When we feel safe, we are relaxed, happy and free of distracting thoughts. Ultimately allowing us to become present in the moment. Exercise isn’t something that we only do three times a week for sixty minutes, it can become movement during every second of the day. This requires dedication to the practice but with that dedication comes bounties of awareness and growth in all aspects of life. There is no end goal for the path of growth, only recognizing and enjoying the moments along the way.