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Simplifying Nutrition: Nutrition Labels


We all know that nutrition is the most impactful component to weight loss and optimal body performance. So, why is it still so challenging to lose weight and make healthy choices? In a fitness based culture that thrives on fad diets and quick fixes, no wonder why we are all at a loss as to what to do. I’m here to help bring more simplicity to your nutrition game. I’m going to share with you one tip that has helped me sustain clean eating without having to think so much. First, let’s look at a couple different nutrition labels….

Figure 1: Dave’s Killer Bread

Figure 2: Oroweat’s Health Multi-Grain Bread

Okay, so now that you’ve scanned them over, what were the first few things that caught your attention? Was is the caloric value? Was it the amount of fats? Sugars? Protein? Carbs?

Now, be honest, did you scan over the ingredients list at all? We get so caught up in the numbers and these diets that tell us fats and carbs are bad, protein is good, and gluten is the enemy that we neglect to ask one very important question: Where are these calories coming from?

So, let’s break this down shall we? Look at Oroweat’s bread and you see it contains 50 less calories and half as much fat and carbs than Dave’s. Then, look at the ingredients list and you notice that you aren’t eating as many calories, but you are eating a whole list of miscellaneous items, such as; calcium propionate, sorbic acid, Datem, Monoglycerides, calcium sulfate, reb a, soy lecithin *WHAT IN THE…

If you can’t read the word or recognize the ingredient easily, then why put these things in your body? These are chemically manufactured ingredients and preservatives to help food stay on shelves longer. If this food is made to stay preserved on a shelf, do you think your body is going to have a fun time digesting it? I’m not surprised that our society if flooded with digestive issues and intolerances.

I will never, ever ever restrict my clients from eating anything! I just want to empower you to make better, healthy choices by going back to the basics. So, here’s the big tip you’ve been waiting for: read the ingredients list! If there are more than TWO things on that list that make you say “hmm, I wonder what that is?” PUT IT BACK and move onto something that will actually mold because that’s what real food does and human bodies are designed to digest food, not chemicals.

Happy eating!!

Yoga, Tea and Terrariums


A wellness day is coming at you on April 29th! Rock Hard Training is hosting our first ever Tea & Terrariums Workshop at 10:30am following our 9am Yoga Flow class. Please join us for a morning full of mindfulness and serenity.

Tea & Terrariums Workshop

Experience the art and zen of creating your own terrarium. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea and good company while you get creative during this 90 minute workshop. Supplies included: glass bowl, 2 plants, soil, rocks, carbon, decorations, tea and happiness.

Tea & Terrariums Workshop

Join Our First Ever 6-Week Holiday Shape Up Challenge

holiday shape-up1The holidays are coming up, Everyone! We know it can be hard to stay away from all the tasty food and treats, and we know that after the holidays it’s always challenging to get your healthy lifestyle back in gear.  That’s why we have decided to offer our first ever, 6 Week Holiday Shape-Up Challenge to help get you in shape BEFORE the holidays!!!!  Let’s work together to hold each other accountable and sign up for the challenge today!


For only $25.00 you can join the challenge with your regular membership (group classes or personal training). This will also include self-assessments throughout the 6 weeks, weekly email check-ins with nutrition tips and motivation, and of course prizes! The Holiday Shape-Up Challenge begins November 14 and ends December 19.  Sign up by Midnight on Sunday, November 13th to be included – Here!  The goal is to lose the most body fat percentage for the grand prize, and we’ll also be giving away prizes to the person who attends the most group classes and most yoga classes during the 6-week challenge (Individuals can only win prizes in one category).


So, start your New Year’s Resolution EARLY this year! You could win a $100 gift card to Whole Foods, a one hour massage, a yoga mat bag, and more. Register Here!

Join the challenge and then join us on DECEMBER 19th for a Regenerative Yoga Celebration where we will give away the prizes and celebrate our goals together!!

A Lot More Yoga Classes at Rock Hard Training

We are so excited to start our Yoga and Music classes here at Rock Hard Training. Our first event went really well. We had a great turn out and it was such a relaxing, stress-free start to our Saturday. We had a live musical guest, Shaun Murphy, which really helped with the yoga classes1 It went so well we are offering this class again on November 5. You won’t want to miss our next Yoga and Music class, so sign up now!yoga classes2 Since yoga is becoming so popular, we are now offering even more classes. Come by any Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM for after dinner yoga, or Saturday mornings at 9 AM. We also would love to add Sunrise Yoga on a weekday – let us know what day would be best for you and we will add the day that gets the most votes!

The Rock Hard Team would also like to introduce our newest member, Chris Watt. He will be teaching some of our upcoming yoga classes. Please give him a warm welcome next time you see him!yoga classes3Are you looking to add yoga into your fitness routine? Our classes suit everybody from beginners to advanced, so stop in and try a class this week. We also offer yoga packages. Contact us today for more information!

A Successful Rock Hard Team Hike Up Mount Jackson

We have another successful team hike in the books for Team Rock Hard! Mount Jackson is a great hike for anyone looking to peak a New Hampshire 4,000 footer. It has a steady incline and a relatively short distance, which makes it easily accessible for all. We geared up expecting the fall weather to bring in gusts of cold wind and even colder weather, but as we ascended, the day grew hotter and hotter.

A little after noon, we peaked Mount Jackson which was our first summit that day. At the top, most of us threw on a wind layer and enjoyed the beautiful rainbow that lingered on as a few clouds made their way across the White Mountains. As the clouds rolled by and the sun rolled in, views of the Presidential Range, including Mount Washington, were made clear. It was beautiful!team hike1After taking some time to eat lunch, fuel up and take the appropriate amount of souvenir photos, we made our descent down. We looped down towards Mount Webster and we hit our second peak of the day. Views from Webster included the Conway Scenic Railroad Train, steep cliffs and endless fall foliage.  After taking our last few LOOKS at the view, we made our way back to the trail hike2All-in-all, our team hike was amazing! As a team, we conquered new territory, made great connections with new friends and enjoyed our time away from all the complexities of hike3Are you interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle, but hate going to the gym and doing the same thing over and over? Then contact us today! We love helping people of all levels achieve their fitness journey in fun way. Rock Hard Training. Training Redefined.

What Is Plyometrics and How Can It Help Your Workout?

Are your workout routines getting a bit boring lately? Do you want to spice things up a bit? Put the dumbbells down for a minute and think about plyometrics. While weight training is great in terms of developing strength and power, plyometrics can help your body in different ways.  Let me help you put your gains from regular weight training into practical use!
First you’re probably wondering what plyometric exercises are. Plyometrics involve muscles shortening and lengthening quickly, testing your body’s nervous system, and the elasticity and strength of your muscles. Adding in some plyo’s to an existing workout routine is a great way to change things up and harness your speed and agility. Behold, the power of plyometrics!plyometrics1
 Here are some benefits of plyometrics:
  • Faster muscle contractions, which lead to more explosiveness in any sport.
  • Development of power and speed.
  • Improved function of your nervous system.
  • Increased metabolic rate, which can help burn calories at a higher rate.
  • Teaches your body how to produce more force while expending less energy, in turn, becoming more efficient and increasing your endurance by reserving energy for that last push.
  • Minimal or no equipment needed.
  • Suitable for any fitness ability level, following a safe progression under professional supervision , of course!
plyometrics2So, are you ready to get stronger and faster? Click here to sign up now with one of Rock Hard Training’s certified trainers! Or contact us today for more information about plyometrics and how it can help your exercise routine.
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @burpees_for_breakfast for new Plyometric workout ideas!

A Full Body Work Out Circuit That Will Make You Sweat

We are so excited to start sharing with you guys our very own quick and fun exercise circuits! You can do these right at home or we can help you out when you come in.

This full body circuit is a workout for your whole body.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! We know you have time in your day to get it done, too. So check it out and get exercising!

Full Body Circuit1

We hope you loved this full body circuit. If you’re unsure how to do some of the exercises or just need a little extra motivation, contact us today! We would love to help you get on the right track. Check back here for more circuits like this full body circuit, each week.

Healthy Quinoa Salad Recipe for Summer

During the summer time it’s easy to forget about our diets. Cook outs, beach days, and just being out and about so much makes it easy to grab unhealthy on-the-go food. Here is one of my favorite healthy recipes for the summer. It’s quick and easy to make, and you probably have most of the ingredients in the kitchen already! Healthy quinoa salad is the perfect summer treat as a main dish or a side!

Prepare 1 cup quinoa (1 cup quinoa and 2 cups water, bring to boil and simmer until Quinoa is cooked.)

Allow to cool in refrigerator for about 20 minutes.quinoa salad1

Add as much or as little of the following:

  • Tomato or cherry tomatoes
  • Cucumber (I pickled my cucumbers in apple cider vinegar before adding them)
  • Scallions
  • Red Onion (just a small amount since scallions are in this also)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper

That’s all there is to it…Enjoy!quinoa salad2

4 Quick Circuits For Your Summer Workout

Summer time is here! Which means more day trips to the beach, weekends spent at the lake, and just more time outside, enjoying the nice weather…that’s the way summer should be! All those activities may take away from your gym time and your summer work out may seem to fall flat. More time spent enjoying outdoor activities and attending social gatherings doesn’t mean you have put your fitness goals aside until fall comes, though!

An easy solution to maintain fitness throughout the summer, without spending hours cooped up in the gym on an elliptical machine, is to add HIIT to your  summer workout routine. HIIT stands for “high intensity interval training.” Fitting in a couple of these workouts a week is a great way to boost your metabolism, burn calories, and build muscle in only 20 minutes! Everyone has time for that! In this blog I’ve put together a simple HIIT Circuit for your summer work out, and the great part is…all you need is a set of dumbbells and your own body weight!

*Do 10 reps for each summer workout without any rest between exercises. Rest 1 minute between sets and complete the circuit 4 times.

  • Dumbbell Plank Row: Start in a push-up position holding onto both dumbbells. Keep hips and core square to the ground. Squeezing the shoulder blade, row one arm up, bring back down to the ground and switch arms.summer workout1
  • Dumbbell Squat Press: Start with both dumbbells over your shoulders, squat down and on the way up drive both dumbbells overhead using the force from your legs.summer workout2
  • Hands to Forearms: Start in a push-up position, drop down to one forearm, followed by the other. Then push up on one hand, followed by the other to return to the push up position.summer workout3
  • Split Squat Lunges: Start in a lunge position, drop the back knee down, drive through the foot that’s on the ground to switch foot positioning.summer workout4

That’s all there is to it to keep your summer workout up to par! Keeping a set of dumbbells in your trunk and doing this circuit is a great way to maintain fitness and enjoy all the fun activities summer has to offer…without feeling guilty about skipping the gym! If you need a little extra help or motivation, contact us today! We are here to help you maintain the healthy lifestyle you want.

New Look, New Pricing at Rock Hard Training!

new pricing3

Rock Hard’s New Look & New Pricing

Your trainers have been hard at work making the gym look fun and fresh and everyone is loving the way it feels in there.  We thought our home base could use a refresh and now it’s time for our pricing to freshen up too!

We are excited to be offering a NEW unlimited group class pass for just $120/month…That’s right! Although we had to raise the price of our drop in rates and 10 packs, for our members who come regularly this MONTHLY pass is just what you need to save money and get the most out of your Rock Hard Membership.  ROCK ON!!

And don’t worry, this new pricing doesn’t start until June 30th, so you still have some time to scoop up some 10 packs for $100.  As always, keep on working hard and we are here to help!

-Team Rock Hard

new pricing1

new pricing2

Take advantage of this awesome promotion that gives you unlimited group classes for just $120/month when you sign up for a 6-month membership. GET IT NOW!

If you are looking to change your lifestyle and start getting healthy, contact us today! We offer group training, partner training, and individualized plans!new pricing4