Five of My Favorite Arm Exercises that Will Pump You Up!

By | May 2, 2016

You have T-minus three months until beach season, you’ve lost that winter weight and your diet is on track, but the question is, “will your arms be ready for the gun show?” Let’s talk about how to beef those arms up for summer 2016. Here are five of my favorite arm exercises to add more mass to those “pipes” of yours.

First, when it comes to building mass on your arms we automatically think, “more curls = bigger arms,” right? Well, yes but you have to remember your triceps make up 60{db5a8e016e6821b699227af4f3f14334351d6335fe80e2b8d39c63d178778097} of those arms, too- we need to hit these equally as hard and all the different heads within these muscle groups.


  1. Dips: No messing around, let’s get right to it! This is an incredible compound exercise that targets the shoulders, chest, and most importantly in our situation, the triceps. Find yourself a dip bar, bench, box, chair or even a set of stairs to perch yourself up on. Lower your body down til your elbows reach a 90 degree angle. Then, pause for a brief second before exploding back to the top, completely locking the elbows out. Focus a ton of energy on this first exercise and don’t be afraid to go til failure, getting low and taking it slow! arm exercises 1
  1. Skull Crushers: Grab a curl bar or straight bar and find yourself a comfy place to lie down (no, this is not nap time). Start with your arms fully extended in the bench press position and while keeping your shoulders completely still, hinge at the elbows, slowly lowering the bar towards your eyebrows. Pause a brief second and fire right back in the same plane of motion, locking out the elbows at the top. This exercise isolates the triceps and is best served in drop sets!arm exercises 2
  1. Single Arm TRX Tricep Extension: Finish em’ off! Time for the unilateral training and a great way to totally tucker those triceps out. Hop on the TRX or find a wall and place your hand at eye level and about arms distance from the wall. Engage the core, come up on your tippy toes and hinge at the elbow, lowering until your forearm touches the wall, then push into your hand coming back up to the starting position. arm exercises 5
  1. Standing Hammer Curls: Now it’s bicep time! You’ll need three sets of dumbbells here, dropping in increments of five pounds. Start with your heaviest dumbbells, begin by standing with your shoulders retracted and depressed, pinching your elbows into your waist- keep them there! It’s too easy to turn a bicep exercise into a shoulder exercise if you’re not careful keeping your shoulders still. The only joints that should be moving here are your elbows. With a neutral grip (palms facing each other), slowly curl both arms up about 60{db5a8e016e6821b699227af4f3f14334351d6335fe80e2b8d39c63d178778097} of the way to the top. If you feel tension leave your biceps and travel to your front deltoids then you’ve gone too far. Keep the tension on the biceps the whole time, with no pause at the bottom. Rep until failure and continue this exercise with the drop sets!arm exercises 3
  2. Single Arm TRX Bicep Curl: Show your arms no mercy! Finish off your biceps with this unilateral exercise using your body as resistance. Take one handle of the TRX and stand facing either side with your arm fully extended. Take a couple steps inward and start your bicep curl with your palm facing the ceiling, keep your elbow elevated at shoulder height the entire time. You can adjust the resistance by taking a step inward or outward and curl until you can’t curl any longer!  arm exercises 4Now that I have shared five of my favorite arm exercises with you, there is no reason not to start on your way to tighter, bigger arms! You will have the arms you have always dreamed of this summer. Not to mention, a lot of these exercises can be done at home, and with little to no equipment. There is no excuse to start working on those biceps and triceps, right now! If you need a little extra motivation, or just some help figuring out how to do these arm exercises correctly, contact us today. We would love to help you out!