Golf: Adding 10 yards to your game

By | July 1, 2015
improve your golf game 1
When it comes to increasing distance off the tee or fairway, we need to look at one important element: club head speed. The faster your club head travels, the greater the force you can deliver to the ball, ultimately increasing shot distance. To achieve this, without altering your swing or technique, we focus on the development of muscular strength and power. Focusing on full body compound exercises that involve all the joints used during a golf swing and increasing rotational torque will allow you to produce a faster, more controlled swing. Remember, golfers are athletes too, there are always ways to improve performance.
improve your golf game 2Start with these basic bodyweight exercises to build a sturdy foundation for generating a more powerful swing:
-bodyweight squats
-planks and Russian twists
-alternating lunges
improve your golf game 3
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