Reprogram how you move. Create new, efficient patterns.

Our Mission

We help connect people with the true potential of their own bodies to achieve new levels of movement, strength, and confidence in their everyday lives. Our elite staff educates, inspires and leads by example .  . . helping clients reprogram dysfunctional movement patterns, overcome ineffective prior training, and shatter self-limiting mindsets. We constantly explore emerging best-practices and incorporate proven techniques in movement, nutrition, and cognitive empowerment.

How we do it:

Day 1: AssessmentAssess:

Our connection to the body begins here. As Connect Movement Specialists, we examine your body through a biomechanical lens based on the work of Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains, one of the leading researchers and bodywork practitioners in our industry. It is through this system that we are able to diagnose imbalances of tension and joint dysfunction throughout your body as well as determine the source of a compensatory movement pattern. In addition to a posture analysis and movement screening, we further explore your biomechanical patterns in action, with use of slow-motion video and a self-propelled treadmill to simulate running on natural terrain. We use this data to prescribe the proper soft tissue work that’s required to restore balance in your body.


“Anatomy Trains leads to practical new holistic strategies to improve stability, coordination, and resolve long-standing compensations in postural and movement patterns – whether you are a manual therapist, movement professional, or using self-myofascial release (SMR).”


Phase 1: Adaptation

The first of our three phases requires us to begin “waking your body up”, laying down new nervous system pathways that your body will ultimately adapt to become your “go-to” movement patterns. As we begin implementing your soft tissue prescription and reprogram your biomechanics, our practice of “the breath” inhabits all movement and becomes your rhythmic mantra in moving your body. Breathing will become your master controller to the body and its physiological, mental and emotional responses.


At the four week period (and with a competent display of breath control), we enter phase two of three which now turns our focus toward strengthening our newly established movement patterns. This is done through a progressive model that continuously challenges the capabilities of your central nervous system, reinforcing your new movement patterns to override the old ones when called upon. Strength, power, balance and body awareness all simultaneously improve as our confidence grows within.


Phase three: do the impossible. With a newly acquired skill set and drastically improved sense of spatial awareness, we begin to explore complex sequences that require your full arsenal of recently polished movements. We don’t just stop at retraining a lunge, hinge, squat, push or pull we continuously educate your body to move in ways it has not ever moved before. Exploring new ranges of movement and finding stability and balance in a task it has not yet been asked to perform. It is here where boundaries that were once blockaded in your mind become blasted wide open. Coupled with breathing, mental visualization techniques and operating from a relaxed and present perspective, we are able to feel the ground beneath us and an exercise tool becomes nothing more than an extension of our own body. It is here in phase three that we can adapt your body to become most resilient to the stresses you endure in your lifestyle or in competition, reaching uncharted levels of biomechanical efficiency. There is no end to where you take your movement from here, what lies ahead is unlimited potential in your physical, mental and emotional whole self.

12 Week Movement Repatterning Program: Become stronger, more mobile and more efficient than ever before.

Begin with a consultation and learn more about yourself and how you are moving. Our bodies are merely a result of daily patterns that determine it’s shape and function. Often times, old injuries lead to dysfunctional movement patterns that we permanently adopt and with those patterns can come pain or lack of mobility and strength. To move forward, we must understand your body’s past and where it stands today.

Our assessment includes:

  • Complete body read and diagnostics overview by a trained Movement Specialist
  • Movement screening
  • Body fat percentage analysis
  • Slow-motion gait analysis on a self-propelled treadmill
  • Lifestyle coaching

All 12-week programs are customized to each client’s specific movement needs and move through a 12-week progression that is designed to improve the body’s alignment and instill new, efficient patterns in a safe and highly effective manner.

Personal & Partner Movement Repatterning:

Personal Movement Repatterning 
12 sessions $75 ea ($900)

Partner Movement Repatterning  Per Person
12 sessions $55 ea ($660)