Reprogram how you move. Create new, efficient patterns through the method of play.

Our Mission

We help people live better lives through the practice of movement. Becoming more body-aware, improving movement efficiency, and increasing physical and mental capabilities, creates the confidence to move through life in one’s fullest expression. We teach this practice to others because we believe it instills growth and self-empowerment.

How we do it:

Day 1: AssessmentAssess:

Our connection to the body begins here. As Connect Movement Specialists, we examine your body through a bio-mechanical lens based on the work of Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains, one of the leading researchers and bodywork practitioners in our industry. It is through this system that we are able to diagnose imbalances of tension throughout your body as well as determine areas that are lacking awareness or not functioning properly. In addition to a posture analysis and movement screening, we further explore your bio-mechanical patterns in action. With use of slow-motion video and a self-propelled treadmill to simulate running on natural terrain, we visually assess the body in motion to further highlight areas that are lacking structural support or efficiency. We then use this data to prescribe the proper soft tissue correctives and body awareness exercises that are required to restore balance of tension in your body.


“Anatomy Trains leads to practical new holistic strategies to improve stability, coordination, and resolve long-standing compensations in postural and movement patterns – whether you are a manual therapist, movement professional, or using self-myofascial release (SMR).”


Phase 1: Adaptation

The first phase requires us to begin “waking up” your body; laying down new nervous system pathways that your body will ultimately adopt to aid in the overall efficiency, capacity and confidence in how you move. Our specialists provide guidance through a series of “body awareness” exercises that help you develop a felt-sense of new movement in areas of your body that are atrophied, restricted, or misused. 


Once you have the body-awareness and a felt-sense of controlling the body in the given lesson, we begin to apply the fundamentals to controlling movement in a practical way. Rolling, crawling, sitting, getting up, balancing, walking/running, jumping, climbing, throwing, are all basic human abilities that we no longer get exposed to in our daily lives and environments. Therefore, our approach to teaching better movement lies in a curriculum based on what we as humans should be doing in the natural world. This restores overall functionality of your body moving as a whole and the development of skills that build your confidence to move and perform physical tasks in variable conditions or under stress. These lessons are designed to bring awareness to not only how you are currently moving but how to improve your body position and expand your capabilities with your newly discovered awareness and control.


As movement becomes proficient and fluid, we now leave the realms traditional training in a gym setting and begin to “play”. This is a key concept that allows your focus to shift from mental distractions regarding your body alignment, proper activation of certain muscles, distractions from your trainer or other external forces in the room that are created by your own thoughts. Engaging in “play” allows you to become totally present in the moment as you focus on the task at hand. This fun and authentic form of learning we experience from the day we are born, is our fastest natural teacher. No body teaches a tiger how to move like a tiger, it’s just what tigers do. They move and play and develop skills that ensure their survival in the process. When we shut off our logical brains, we move freely and our true movement capabilities shine.



Movement is a practice that never ends. It can be refined and improved by the gains of awareness, strength, mobility, power and confidence but it has no limit. Debriefing after play allows for discussion of where improvements can be made in body mechanics and positioning, or where/when/how tension is applied, to create more efficiency. It’s a continuous process that is happening all of the time. The more aware you become of your movements in the day-to-day, the more you can consciously improve your quality of movement. This leads to the road of healing your body out of pain caused by dysfunction and growing ever present in the world we live in.

12 Session Starter Package: Become stronger, more mobile and confident than ever before.

Begin with a consultation and learn more about yourself and how you are moving. Our bodies are merely a result of daily patterns that determine it’s shape and function. Often times, old injuries lead to dysfunctional movement patterns that we permanently adopt and with those patterns can come pain and/or lack of mobility and strength. To move forward, we must understand your body’s past and where it stands today.

Our assessment includes:

  • Complete body read and diagnostics overview by a trained Movement Specialist
  • Movement screening
  • Body fat percentage analysis
  • Slow-motion gait analysis on a self-propelled treadmill
  • Lifestyle coaching

All 12 session programs are customized to each client’s specific movement needs and move through a progression that is designed to improve the body’s alignment and instill new, efficient patterns in a safe and highly effective manner through playful education.

Personal & Partner Movement Packages:


New Client Trial Package

Consultation + (2) 45 minute sessions ($60)

Personal Movement Repatterning 
12 sessions $75 ea ($900)

Partner Movement Repatterning  Per Person
12 sessions $55 ea ($660)