Reprogram how you move. Build the skills that allow you to move with power, efficiency and confidence, no matter what you do.

Our Mission

We help people live better lives through the practice of movement. Becoming more body-aware, improving movement efficiency, and increasing physical and mental capabilities, creates the confidence to move through life in one’s fullest expression. We teach this practice to others because we believe it instills growth and self-empowerment.

How we do it:

Day 1: AssessmentBuild the foundation:

Humans were designed to move. As a species, we have thrived and evolved based on a set of skills that were exercised daily and were completely necessary for our survival. Built to run, jump, climb, crawl, throw, gather, hunt and work cooperatively in a community, our lives were filled with movement everyday. Today most of our movement consists of short walks from home, to car, to work space, to home again, with lots of sitting in between, and all of our resources can be conveniently delivered to our door step but the absence of that natural daily movement comes at a cost. Our environment, footwear, sedentary life styles and perspectives of what “fitness” really looks like, have an enormous impact on our posture, physical and mental health, and overall function of our bodies. This can lead to chronic pain and tension, depression and anxiety, and expose us to a much higher risk of injury BUT it is never too late to start moving in the right direction.


Our foundational training begins with a natural movement curriculum. Movements such as breathing, rolling, crawling, squatting, etc, all play a part in restoring mobility and healthy joint function back to the body, while simultaneously increasing levels of body awareness. These skills that we learned as infants and toddlers (or relearning now as adults) are essential in preparing us to stand up, run, jump, balance, carry and throw with utmost efficiency and confidence. When we have proficiency in movement skills, we move with confidence and when we have confidence, we live life to a fuller expression however we decide.


Practice and Integration:

Phase 1: Adaptation

Movement is something we can do all day, every day, if we choose. It doesn’t have to be limited to just one hour a day, seven days a week (even that is only 5% of our total time we could be moving), this is where the development of “practice” comes into play. As foundational skills are practiced, there comes the realization that most of our daily movements can be improved greatly. From how we put on our clothes, to how we do housework, to the way we walk, climb stairs, sit, drive or carry items (children included). The more advanced a movement practice becomes, the more aware we become in all of the small moments in between the major items on our agendas, calming the constantly shifting mind and becoming present in the moment.

Integration assignments bring awareness to ways that we are currently moving or performing daily tasks. Coupled with the practice of natural movement skills, we can now begin to change how we are already moving in our daily routines, to be more effective and efficient at the tasks at hand. Ultimately improving our posture and reducing compensations that cause us pain or tightness, while tremendously improving human performance, no matter what your lifestyle consists of.


With a the skills learned in our foundational movements and gained benefits of awareness, strength, power and mobility, we now have a tremendous advantage in training our bodies to specialize in specific sports and hobbies. Regardless of the sport or activity, they all require the same basic principles of movement learned in the foundational training period. Balance, speed, power and coordination can all greatly be improved when the body mechanics are already moving with great efficiency, making the adaptation phase highly progressive instead of spending valuable time correcting compensations and mobility issues that should have been addressed well before training for sport specific movements. When we are already moving with ease and confidence, we are able to acquire new and advanced skills quickly and comprehensively.


12 Session Package: Become stronger, more mobile and confident than ever before.

Begin with a consultation and learn how you can move better with more confidence. Our bodies are merely a result of daily patterns that determine it’s shape and function, the right nutrition in your “movement diet” will change the way you look and feel forever.

Our assessment includes:

  • Complete body read and diagnostics overview by a trained Movement Specialist
  • Movement screening
  • Introduction to breathing, ground moves and balance
  • Slow-motion gait analysis on a self-propelled treadmill
  • Lifestyle coaching and integration assignment

All 12 session programs are customized to each client’s specific movement needs and move through a progression that is designed to improve the body’s alignment and instill new, efficient patterns in a safe and highly effective manner through playful education.

Training Packages:


New Client Trial Package

Consultation + (2) 45 minute sessions ($60)

Personal Training 
12 sessions $75 ea ($900)

Partner Training Per Person
12 sessions $55 ea ($660)


Group Movement

unlimited monthly membership ($150/month)

Class Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday  6:00- 7:00 pm

Tuesday/Thursday     11:50 am- 12:50 pm

Saturday                       7:45-8:45 am