What Is Plyometrics and How Can It Help Your Workout?

By | August 12, 2016
Are your workout routines getting a bit boring lately? Do you want to spice things up a bit? Put the dumbbells down for a minute and think about plyometrics. While weight training is great in terms of developing strength and power, plyometrics can help your body in different ways.  Let me help you put your gains from regular weight training into practical use!
First you’re probably wondering what plyometric exercises are. Plyometrics involve muscles shortening and lengthening quickly, testing your body’s nervous system, and the elasticity and strength of your muscles. Adding in some plyo’s to an existing workout routine is a great way to change things up and harness your speed and agility. Behold, the power of plyometrics!plyometrics1
 Here are some benefits of plyometrics:
  • Faster muscle contractions, which lead to more explosiveness in any sport.
  • Development of power and speed.
  • Improved function of your nervous system.
  • Increased metabolic rate, which can help burn calories at a higher rate.
  • Teaches your body how to produce more force while expending less energy, in turn, becoming more efficient and increasing your endurance by reserving energy for that last push.
  • Minimal or no equipment needed.
  • Suitable for any fitness ability level, following a safe progression under professional supervision , of course!
plyometrics2So, are you ready to get stronger and faster? Click here to sign up now with one of Rock Hard Training’s certified trainers! Or contact us today for more information about plyometrics and how it can help your exercise routine.
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