Personal & Partner Training

Our Mission

We only get one body in life and that body was made to move. At Rock Hard Training, we believe in enhancing your overall quality of life through improving human performance and mastering body awareness. Reprogramming our own daily movements allow us to become stronger and more efficient, while increasing our ability to move better and decreasing chronic pain and risk of injury. The better your body moves, the more we want to move it. It’s time to STOP EXERCISING and START TRAINING.

How we do it:

Day 1: AssessmentAssess:

We start by assessing EVERYTHING: the lifestyle, the nutrition, the risk factors, and the body. Compiling data from a questionnaire, measuring body fat percentage, and administering a Functional Movement Screening to test the body for weaknesses and movement errors, all determine what type of program is best for you. Simply put, we are limited in the way we move by what muscles are too weak or too strong, and what’s too tight or too slack. We view movement as the real medicine here, this assessment determines YOUR prescription.


Phase 1: Adaptation

Mastering your body, whether it’s for; performance, aesthetics, or pain management, it all requires a higher degree of awareness and control. In this phase, you learn the intricacies of your own body under precise control to start forming correct movements and body posture while eliminating the bad ones that may eventually lead to an injury. Introducing: proper core bracing, breathing, shoulder packing, hip control and the phenomenon of irradiation, to name a few. Not only are we adapting the muscles but the brain that controls them as well.


Gather your newfound skill set and let’s put it to the test! After establishing an awesome mind-body connection we enter our second phase of the process which hones in on building total-body strength and power. Challenging your ability to control yourself under more stress, the demands of harder work force the body to adapt once again.


Be ready to handle ANYTHING life throws at you. This final stage of the process exposes the body and mind to new and unfamiliar maneuvers, expanding your physical capabilities and forcing your central nervous system to learn control in ways never thought before. Here is where we achieve what we thought was once impossible and take advantage of the opportunity to reinforce sport-specific or lifestyle specific movements.


12 Week Mobility and Functional Strength Training Program:

Begin with a consultation and a Functional Movement Screening. This will give us the information we need to give you a full Bio-mechanical diagnostics report and establish your 12-week program.

12 Week Mobility and Functional Strength Training Program

All 12 week programs are customized to each client’s specific movement capabilities and move through 12-week progression as shown here.


Personal & Partner Training:



Personal Training Pricing
12 sessions $75 ea ($900)

Partner Training Pricing Per Person
12 sessions $55 ea ($660)