Simplifying Nutrition: Nutrition Labels

By | May 23, 2017


We all know that nutrition is the most impactful component to weight loss and optimal body performance. So, why is it still so challenging to lose weight and make healthy choices? In a fitness based culture that thrives on fad diets and quick fixes, no wonder why we are all at a loss as to what to do. I’m here to help bring more simplicity to your nutrition game. I’m going to share with you one tip that has helped me sustain clean eating without having to think so much. First, let’s look at a couple different nutrition labels….

Figure 1: Dave’s Killer Bread

Figure 2: Oroweat’s Health Multi-Grain Bread

Okay, so now that you’ve scanned them over, what were the first few things that caught your attention? Was is the caloric value? Was it the amount of fats? Sugars? Protein? Carbs?

Now, be honest, did you scan over the ingredients list at all? We get so caught up in the numbers and these diets that tell us fats and carbs are bad, protein is good, and gluten is the enemy that we neglect to ask one very important question: Where are these calories coming from?

So, let’s break this down shall we? Look at Oroweat’s bread and you see it contains 50 less calories and half as much fat and carbs than Dave’s. Then, look at the ingredients list and you notice that you aren’t eating as many calories, but you are eating a whole list of miscellaneous items, such as; calcium propionate, sorbic acid, Datem, Monoglycerides, calcium sulfate, reb a, soy lecithin *WHAT IN THE…

If you can’t read the word or recognize the ingredient easily, then why put these things in your body? These are chemically manufactured ingredients and preservatives to help food stay on shelves longer. If this food is made to stay preserved on a shelf, do you think your body is going to have a fun time digesting it? I’m not surprised that our society if flooded with digestive issues and intolerances.

I will never, ever ever restrict my clients from eating anything! I just want to empower you to make better, healthy choices by going back to the basics. So, here’s the big tip you’ve been waiting for: read the ingredients list! If there are more than TWO things on that list that make you say “hmm, I wonder what that is?” PUT IT BACK and move onto something that will actually mold because that’s what real food does and human bodies are designed to digest food, not chemicals.

Happy eating!!