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“Overall better movement. I especially notice the difference when playing basketball or skiing. Feel much more control, better endurance, more dynamic. I think Connect is doing something else nobody else in the area is doing. I think it’s the perfect solution for people who deal with chronic ailments.”

-Kevin C

“It’ been a great journey so far. The idea of ‘soft tissue’ work was foreign to me at first, now it’s my favorite part. I am o happy that I CONNECTED (pun intended) with Jill and that she is a trainer/mentor with the Connect Team. She’s amazing as a patient teacher. She’s 100% focused on me and she knows my cues when i am not feeling confident. I consider her as a friend and look forward to each session. There’s such a positive and supportive vibe at Connect. I’ve learned so much about physiology, nutrition and mindfulness already. I look forward to nailing an unassisted pull-up this year :)”

-Martina L

“I am more aware of how I stand, sit, hold myself… I’m also more aware of how i breathe. I feel stronger an dmore capable. I am more likely to target ‘problem’ areas now rather than fight through and/or ignore them.”

-Maria M

“I think my awareness grown about all the muscles in my body and I feel that the breathing exercises and visualization the I have been working on help me with my nerves when it comes to track- it helps me remain calm. I also think I’m much more aware of how i stand or sit at school, and try to work on the little things…”

-Hannah M

“Balance, body-fat, understanding of how my body works; together in one.”

-Anna B

“Dan, Connect, Brian, all the trainers- it’s not like going to a gym, it’s way more than that. It’s community , it’s well being, it’s knowledge, it’s feeling good, it’s pushing yourself, it’s family and my life and health, body and mind, are better because of of it.”

-Margie D

“Life changing. Pain in shoulders are almost nonexistent.”

-Jim McD

“I move better and less tension in my shoulders/neck. Less knots in my  shoulders making for a much happier me. Knee pain is minimal when my rolling and soft tissue work is at it’s best.”

-Heather W

“My shoulders have gotten so much better and iI’ve also really focused on my core”

-Courtney D

“Brian and his team are 100% into the integration of nutrition, exercise and wellness of the person they are working with. What strikes me the most is that all of the trainers are engaged with ALL of the clients, even if they do not train with them specifically. I love that they all share the same passion and would highly recommend them to those that are serious about their overall health.”

-Catherine M

“Truly Unique, I didn’t need someone to watch me walk on the treadmill, I didn’t really know what I needed until I started at Connect. You start building the foundation and you can feel the progress each class, each week. You need to try Connect to experience the improvement in mobility, strength, core stability, and most importantly a truly positive mental experience!! ”

-Matt L

“Prior to my first training experience with Connect, I dreaded working out! The gym was a drag and the treadmill at home put me to sleep. It is not an overstatement to say that Connect has changed my life. I now look forward to visiting every week and now even run on days that I don’t go! I am down nearly 20 pounds in 4 months and am more confident than ever that I can meet or exceed the goals I set for myself at the beginning!”

-Shawn M

“If I could give Connect 10 stars … I would!!! When I first met Brian, I knew that this was the place to be for my fitness goals!! Not only is he positive, but he also provides you with all the tools necessary to be successful!! I love the music.. the other trainers are amazing and very friendly and upbeat!!! As far as I am concerned….. if you want your endorphins to fly and to reach the level where they have never been before…. head on over to Rock Hard Training!!!! You will not be sorry!!!! :)”

– Paula G

“Love love this place, the trainers, the program, and the vibe!! Trainers are so fun, professional and positive! Music is loud and upbeat, and the workouts are insane. It’s goddamn addicting I tell you!!!”

– Katy G

“After years of being out of shape and trying to motivate ourselves to workout at home we finally reached out. The energy here is SO high and motivating that we actually look forward to each of our sessions and cannot believe the results we’ve already made. We’ve lost inches off our body and more than 4% body fat in just 5 weeks! THANK YOU Connect!!!”

– Rhiannon & Peter 

“Absolutely look forward to these workouts they make you push yourself to your limit and then beyond leaving you feeling accomplished. The trainers are fabulous bringing something new each day and keep you motivated to reach you individual goals!”

– Amber W

“Look forward to working out because of Connect. The trainers are all excellent & push their clients differently, but all with the same goal – to be healthy & happy. The group classes are amazing & everyone who goes to the classes are so nice an we all encourage one another. I HIGHLY recommend Connect!!!!”

– Lacy P

“We met Brian in January 2013. My husband was turning 50 and as a “gift” I bought him a package of 10 training sessions. Truth be told, he was less than enthusiastic about his present, as it had been over 25 years since he had done any regular exercise. However, after 2-3 sessions he was totally on board and invested in getting into shape with Brian’s help.

When he first started, we were actually both a little skeptical if it would be a good “fit “ given how young Brian is. But the plain truth is that Brian is a great trainer and can work well with anyone. My husband’s starting weight was 238 lbs. and 27% body fat. Currently, less than a year later, he weighs 198 and has a body fat percentage of 12%. He works out 4 x’s per week, eats well, sleeps well and feels great. He recently had his annual physical, which he passed with flying colors and his doctor even took him off the high blood pressure medication he had been on for 3 years. The results have been truly amazing!

In March 2013, I re-injured my back working out, so I was once again laid up and unable to exercise. I was steadily gaining weight while watching my husband get into great shape. It was then my husband who suggested that I try working out with Brian. So, at the beginning of April 2013, I began working with Brian, just after turning 49 years old. I had worked with several personal trainers before, in addition to having been enrolled in countless gym memberships, bootcamps, Pilates classes and diet programs. At the time, I was a size 10, at my highest weight ever, 153 lbs., with a body fat percentage of 31%. I was experiencing severe back problems which always seemed to flare up whenever I resumed exercise. I had just about given up and had almost resigned myself to the fact that I was never going to lose that weight, would probably gain more and would never be fit again. And of course, all my weight gain, fatigue and back pain was only going to increase now that I was middle-aged, so why bother, right? WRONG!!!

Nine months later I am completely transformed. I feel like a different person. Brian has truly changed my life. I am on the threshold of turning 50 and in the best shape of my ENTIRE life! No joke. Last month, I met my goal weight of 125 lbs. Currently, I weigh 121 lbs., my body fat is 15% and I am a size 2-4. The whole shape of my body is different. No one can believe it. I can’t believe it. But it is true. Brian is truly amazing! I just do what he tells me and it works. Yes, I may whine and yell a bit, which he tolerates…but that’s also what makes him a great trainer. He develops a customized program to transform YOUR body. His workouts are very individualized, specific to meet your body’s needs. Your body builds muscle, burns fat, you eat right and lose weight. There is something about his teaching and training methods that got both my husband and I hooked from the start. We never miss a session. It’s been 9 months for me, a year for my husband and we are both more invested than ever.

If you are willing to do the work and make some changes in your life, then Brian can help you reach any fitness or weight-related goals you have and he does so in a caring, safe, yet challenging way. He is passionate about what he does and is as vested and committed to our success as we are. We feel great and are now both active, healthy and fit.

Brian has truly changed our lives and we will always be grateful to him for that and for helping us to make
health and fitness a top priority. Clearly, we are big believers in Brian, but even more that that, we consider him a friend and part of our support team for life!”

– Roy and Allison 

“I came to Brian at the heaviest I had ever been. I was certain that I was going to fail at this attempt towards weight loss as I had every other time in the past. I’ll admit the first few weeks were very difficult, but as time went on it got easier, yet more challenging too. Brian was very attentive to what I was struggling with and was very observant of my abilities. He would always push me just when I needed it most. One of the things I appreciated the most about working with Brian was that he didn’t have this motto that I needed to beat my body down in order to get results. Because I had not worked out before there were a lot of things I couldn’t do right away. If something hurt me or didn’t feel right, he listened to me and we worked together to find something that did work. Not only was he knowledgeable but he had a way of connecting and making me feel at ease. Thirty pounds later and 10% less body fat, I am well on my way to my 50 pound weight loss goal. Brian showed me that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought. He never allowed me to give up and when I said “I can’t” he said YES YOU CAN! Through all the sweat and tears it has been worth it all!”

– Sarah C

“I had the opportunity to have one of the most unique training experiences with Brian. Before I started training with him, I found myself getting more and more out of “shape”. Knowing Brian was a fitness buff I approached him about him showing me a couple of training routines. I took advantage of these but never really got serious until he told me about his goal of competing in a fitness bodybuilding competition. Brian then asked me if I would join him for 26 week long journey not only training 4-5 days a week but also making a commitment to a dedicated nutritional program. Working with Brian through these weeks, we went through long grueling workouts where he brought an enthusiasm that is unmatched and helped pick me up on days that my motivation was low. He taught me proper technique on all my lifts and pushed me to my very limits each and every day. I truly believe without Brian that goal of a 26 long program would not have come true. I successfully got into the best shape of my life feeling more confident than ever. Thank you to my brother and friend, Brian Azarian.”

– John B

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