Our Movement Guides

Brian Azarian

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brian Azarian. I was born in the mountains of New Hampshire and despite my call to explore the world, I seemingly end up back here time and time again. This is where I developed my roots in movement; experimenting with anything I could ride, race, surf, wield, climb, or fly. Having experimented with so many disciplines is a reflection of my philosophy that experience is our number one teacher and the vast skill set I’ve acquired has translated into a deeper understanding of movement, my body and the application of skills to the concepts I am currently learning.


By profession, I’m a Movement Explorer and Guide, which means new movement disciplines are constantly folding into the hodgepodge that is me- our physical bodies are a result of how we move. One value at the core of my being is that a problem represents an opportunity for change and when we can recognize this opportunity and gather the courage to make change, we grow. I’m here to help show others a constantly improving path to becoming better people. Sharing all of my life’s experiences and lessons passed down to me, while simultaneously exploring uncharted movement and embracing new philosophical ideas. Movement skills translate into confidence and how one walks this earth, the higher degree of skill one possesses, the more free one becomes.


When I’m not practicing personal movement or writing online content, you’ll find me; meditating in a tree, training folks inside and outside, singing and dancing over the land, instructing yoga classes and hosting workshops, and seeking community that synergistically inspires, grows and shares the passion for living authentically. This is my documentary, enjoy!


If you would like to connect, share feedback, workshop, or inquire about my online services, please feel free to contact me!

May the Force be with you,




Movement Disciplines:

Playing, Yoga, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Paddle Surfing, Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, Hiking, Hockey, Rugby, Golf, Dance, Water skiing/Wake Boarding/Barefoot Skiing, Natural Movement, Climbing, Motor Sports, Music, Running, Swimming, Lifting, Kayaking, Snowboarding, Surfing, Archery, Experiencing New Movement

Certifications and Completed Courses:

ACSM CPT, 200HR Registered Yoga Teacher, Stick Mobility L1, CFSC L1, AFAA Golf Fitness Instructor, Anatomy Trains; for Movement Professionals, Structures and Function, Fans of the Hip, Deep Core and Breath, EFTI L1, Myofascial Release 1, Myofascial Unwinding 1, Thai Massage, 10 years of hands on experience in the industry

Jill Provost

In much the same way that a snowstorm is made up of millions of individual snowflakes, my life is an accumulation of hundreds of decisions, some major and others seemingly minor. I have learned over the course of my life that each decision I make has one central thing in common: intuition. I am driven by instinct and how certain things make me feel. I live in tune with my body; I listen, wait, nurture, and crave the connection not only mind to body, but body to surroundings. Intuition has led me to many different aspects of fitness, but a life-altering change I made was in nourishing my body with real food. Unprocessed, made-from-scratch, whole food. The food that we eat is the foundation of our health. I believe in its power to heal, because I have experienced it firsthand. When I began to eat more mindfully, I noticed how much more energy I had to move. And I wanted to move. I felt incredible, and I was not the only one to notice. People responded to me differently and I soon realized that not everyone felt this amazing. In that realization, I developed a fierce need to help others become their most healthful self. I believe that everyone has the power to feel incredible. Everyone has the power to lead a pain-free (or pain-minimal) life. I’m excited to be a part of this journey for my clients and leading others to a healthful life is something that truly feels right. Health isn’t just what you put in your body or how much weight you lift. It’s a culmination of awareness, love, community, comedy, and connection. It’s a collection of snowflakes gathering together towards one singular purpose.