Rock Hard Yoga

Yoga is a unique personal journey. For most who come to their mat for the first time, the goal is to stretch out and relieve pain. However, it doesn’t take long to experience the mental benefits of practicing yoga regularly. There have been many scientific studies showing the benefits of yoga in managing stress and reducing the symptoms of depression.

For the athletes in the group, yoga is for you too! It gives you a heightened sense of body awareness, improves range of motion, and harnesses the power of your breath. More than ever, collegiate and professional level teams are adding yoga to their training programs.

You won’t regret experiencing the life-changing practice that is yoga. Namaste!



What to Bring:   

Bring a mat (if you have one) and a water bottle.  If you know you get a little extra sweaty, having a towel handy isn’t a bad idea. Being that yoga is a practice for any body, you don’t need much.  A positive, open mind helps, but if you’re having trouble finding your mind we can help with that too! 😉

What we Provide:

We have mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps that are up for grabs to help enhance your yoga practice.